Jon Stevens
Jon Stevens is recognised as one of the most talented rock musicians to emerge from Australia in recent memory. He has had phenomenal success as a solo artist, knocking Michael Jackson off the top of the charts in Australia, and as the lead singer of major rock acts, Noiseworks, INXS after the death of his friend Michael Hutchence, and the Dead Daisies. In 2016 he joined forces with legendary musician, songwriter and producer Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) to record a new album, Starlight.

After a record-smashing debut at age 16 with two consecutive No. 1 singles in his New Zealand homeland and huge hits in Australia as lead singer with Noiseworks, Jon saw a 21st-century liftoff to worldwide acclaim at centre stage with INXS. His last band, The Dead Daisies, whose debut single, Lock and Load, he wrote and produced with the legendary Slash on guitar, was an iTunes featured release.

Jon Steven’s new album Starlight bursts with a soulful artistry and honesty that’s rare and borders on extinction today. The title track has an unforgettable hook and is an instant classic with vivid lyrics fuelling his performance on tracks like “Feel Like Letting Go”, “Scars” and “Devil In My Heart”. 

The lonely ballad “One Way Street” features Ringo Starr on drums. 

All of the songs are co-written with Dave Stewart, co-founder of the Grammy-winning duo Eurythmics, who also produced the album as well as played guitar. The album was recorded in Blackbird Studios, Nashville and mixed by John McBride. An additional mix has been undertaken by Chris Lord Alge.

Different as they are, each track on Starlight overflows with feeling, with candour, with an exuberance that comes from being plugged into life. Everything Stevens has survived, learned from, mastered and made leads to this album.