Paradisia is Sophie-Rose Harper (vocals), Anna Pesquidous (harp) and Kristy Buglass (vocals, keyboard), a London based 70‘s-influenced trio that combine beautiful vocals and lyrics against the delicacy of a harp to create a personal sound that is all their own. 

Sophie-Rose and Kristy played their first show together in a support slot at Brixton Academy in 2010 whilst playing in punk band Rum Shebeen. A chance spotting of a harp belonging to Anna at her house party united the three, as well as a mutual love of Joni Mitchell, and since then the past five years have been spent working together on a number of musical projects. Having toured extensively with these previous projects, supporting the likes of Paolo Nutini and Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park, Paradisia spent time in Berlin to record their debut record in 2015 and chose their cover of Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark as their debut single. Of the track, the band says ‘it’s a beautifully written song and slowing it down was our way of bringing attention to the lyrics, so we wanted to show the beauty and sadness of them with our own interpretation’. 

The band's name itself is a word they use to describe an idealistic and beautiful aesthetic, a space away from reality to a place that occupies a perfect limbo between this world and a dreamlike utopia, the diversion to a higher sphere that music tends to offer most often: escapism. With relatable lyrics that draw inspiration from personal experiences, Paradisia is a world in to which most can escape.