When James McVey and Brad Simpson first started writing music a few years ago... little did they know, that along with soon-to-be-found new members Tristan Evans and Connor Ball, The Vamps would soon become one of the UK’s biggest exports in music.

“When we first started out,” remembers James, “we just wanted to make music and have fun. We had absolutely no idea that we would have even a small amount of the success that has come our way already... and we’re still only just getting started!”

And success they have had. The Vamps only released their debut album just over a year ago, and have gone on to have five top ten hits in the UK and sold out a multiple number of arena shows - not bad for a group of lads that just wanted to make music.

Bradley Will "Brad" Simpson (born 28 July 1995, from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands). He sings lead vocals and plays guitar. He met James Daniel McVey (born 30 April 1994 from Bournemouth in Dorset) via YouTube, and the duo began writing together. James, for those that don’t know, plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals. They needed a drummer and found Tristan Oliver Vance Evans (born 15 August 1994, from Exeter in Devon). He was discovered on Facebook and became the third member of the as yet un-named group. But the group was not to be completed without the addition of bass player Connor Samuel John Ball (born 15 March 1996 in Aberdeen, Scotland but later moved to Warwickshire) via a mutual friend! 

The Vamps were born!

Their social media presence is something to behold. With an incredible 230 million views across YouTube and VEVO, and almost a million YouTube subscribers, 4.4 million likes on Facebook and 3 million followers on Twitter, that’s a lot of fans worldwide to get excited about.

Brad reveals, “We are so excited for the future, and that just makes us want to get even better at what we do. Making music is what we set out to do, and making more music is what we’re going to keep on doing.”

Excited to be part of the journey? You better be!