Camp with Pink Moon at the Isle of Wight Festival

A stay with Pink Moon Camping means you can enjoy a range of pre-pitched and boutique accommodation in close proximity to the festival site. This on top of hot, private showers, clean and regularly serviced toilets, hair care Pamper Parlour, USB charging points and 24 hour security means you’re sure to sleep easy and feel fresh for the next day of partying.  

If driving to the festival, you will need to park in the main festival car parks and follow the arches through the campsite to find us.

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Other News

Despicable Me 3

Universal Pictures present Despicable Me 3

Gru, Dru and the Minions are coming to the Isle of Wight Festival and they’re bringing the Gru Mobile!


Octopus' Garden

Gin & Tonic, Craft Beers, Food from Around the World and so much more in the Octopus' Garden

While you're walking around the Main Arena we’d definitely recommend making a visit to the Octopus' Garden where you'll discover an absolute haven for food and drink lovers. From craft beer to a rolling rotisserie, we've got it all covered.