Liftshare: share lifts, save money, make friends

When you get down to all the nitty gritty of this world, you quickly begin to realise what’s really important. We’re of course talking about the power of friendship. It has the power to make some of your darkest, dankest days glow with golden sunshine. It can mend the most broken of hearts and help fend off the meanest of diseases, people and feelings. It can do all this and the best part, is that it’s free – or should be at least!

Now, it suddenly strikes us, as we peer out of the window at a grey, sodden London morning, you may be wondering what has made us think of such a wonderful and wholesome sentiment?! 

You’ve guessed it. It’s CARPOOLING!!

Hear us out…

It was only after thinking about it a bit deeper that we realised that this scheme involves aspects of our life that are not only essential to the festival, but actually much more than that… 
  • Going out of your comfort zone and building new relationships.
  • Being more frugal in these difficult economic times.
  • Caring about our environment so festivals like ours can continue for many more years.
  • MOST importantly, you can share the burden of that horrible trudge back to reality on the Monday morning, and you slowly realise that the musical utopia you just experienced actually can’t go on forever! More’s the pity.
So, how does it work? I hear you cry. 
  • Simply sign up for free on the website -
  • Add your journey details – either request or offered – and they’ll be posted on the site. 
  • Have a browse through and see if you can find anyone else going the same way as you. If you do, send them a message! 
  • When you’ve confirmed your shared trip, download your priority parking pass, and park closer to the campsite!"

Now that I’ve got all the facts out of the way, let’s look at some of the fun possibilities that could arise from this experience.

Your Liftshare partner might end up being that special someone and after cementing your friendship by rocking out to the Catfish and the Bottlemen and throwing some serious shapes to RUN DMC, you might have a little snoozing partner as well as just a lift!! 

The carpool love bug has the ability to strike anyone, anywhere! Take Matt from Canada’s word for it – "I was going to meet my friend Andrew for lunch and he was bringing his friend Giselle along, a gorgeous admin from our department whom I’d known professionally for a couple years. Turns out I drove right by her place on the way to work every day, and over lunch we decided to share a ride to work in the mornings. Well it was only a few weeks following that we got to know each other so well that we started apartment pooling too! Now it’s 3 years later and bought a house together and have a 9 month baby boy named Kai. We still car pool together, and Kai is along for the ride now too, everywhere we go!

Or Chelsea, (particularly pertinent for the Monday drive) – "I live about a 15 minute motorway drive from work. Although it can be a quick trip, it can be fairly long and boring. When some fellow employees all moved into my area, we decided to try carpooling on a few days a week. Now, after a few weeks, it’s been great! All three of us get along amazingly and we’ve even had a "silent" morning, because we aren’t morning people at all! No music, no talking, just driving. Although, most of the time, we can’t stop chatting!"

Whether you find love, a lifelong friend or just a lift, it’s nice to feel that there are those who are still willing to help you out. It gives you an uplifting feeling that will cap a weekend packed full of those warm and fuzzies (see below!) 

Or when you find out what story is behind this:

In other words, as we sit here, trying to lift our moods and ignore the fact that it’s raining and cold, you don’t actually have to look that far in order to feel a little better. You can find something to make your Isle of Wight festival adventure that extra bit more memorable.

Happy travels ladies and gentlemen.

Set up a Liftshare now!

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