Playing: Cirque de la Quirk

Fusing futuristic sound design and underground rave production with massive riffs, heavy guitars and rebellious vocals, FireFarm have been cutting their teeth at festivals and parties across the UK and internationally with their award nominated live show for the last decade.

Taking on various different formats in this time they have come to settle on a team comprising of founder and producer Alex McDougall, co-pilot and guitarist Stewart Colley, all fronted by the feisty and unique vocals of performing and songwriting veteran Laura Jenkins.

With influences from Rave, Rock, Dance, Psychedelic, Punk and great music in general the FireFarm set will take you on a voyage through a kaleidoscope of styles all tied together by crazy arrangements and a thoughtful narrative.

After a long journey and years in the studio refining their sound and message, the band are hitting the road harder than ever in anticipation of the release of their debut album “Rave Against The Machine" in 2019.