Playing: Main Stage

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary music.

This summer, James are back with new songs forged in these strangest of days.

The Mancunians returned in May with the ‘Better Than That’ EP and they will follow that in August with their 15th studio album, aptly titled ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’. Taken

together as shot and chaser they prove James to be as vital, visceral and urgent as ever.

James are one of British indie rock’s most celebrated and enduring bands. Formed in 1982 in Whalley Range, Manchester, their debut ‘Jimone’ EP was released in November the following year on Factory Records and made Morrissey and Johnny Marr into early fans. The band went on to produce a string of huge hits during the next three decades, including ‘Come Home’, ‘Sit Down’, ‘She's a Star’ and ‘Laid’.

“When you see James live, you see that we’re still an organism that’s alive: growing and shifting and changing,” says Booth. “There aren’t many of us who have been around for this long who are still doing that.”

There’s nobody quite like James.