Playing: This Feeling w/ Pirate Studios + Scotts Stage

Para Alta are an North-Eastern quartet from Hartlepool. Friends from an early age, relentlessly jamming together through their teens in a quest to find their sound, and to attain a unique style of songwriting. School came and went, the line-up went through a few changes, as did the band name. But in 2016 Para Alta had found their formation: Jonny Bee (guitar/vocals), Luke Cowley (guitar), Sonny Williamson (Bass), and Tom Sotheran (drums). Already selling out a number of shows up and down the country, carrying out their first U.K tour in March, the band seem to be moving closer and closer to their adolescent dreams. Their shimmering sound draws comparisons to 90’s indie rock, but with a modern twist; incorporating infectious melodies, atmospheric glows, and tight grooves.