Posted on September 12, 2021

This year we are very excited to be working with the fabulous Eco Warriorz, who will help us keep the Island clean and green.  

The Eco Warriorz are bonkers about clean campsites!! ⛺️ So much so, that their merry gang of volunteers dress up in outrageous green/recycled outfits (often made out of abandoned tents) and dance and lark about as they roam the campsites looking for the messiest campers to help inspire into converting into clean ones! Could you be up for joining us!?!

It's brilliant hours, fun work, lots of perks and they make a real difference, changing festival culture and reducing abandoned tents & rubbish left behind #leavenotrace. They dress up, dance, play music & engage with campers, encouraging and rewarding eco-conscious behaviour! And there are spaces to fill to complete the team and maximise impact.

Here's how it works:

⏱️ 1 x 3 hour training shift on Thursday 16th

⏱️ 3 x 6 hrs shifts Friday – Monday, with one full day off.

📆 Everyone hits the Monday morning shift - helping people pack down & head home

🥳 Shifts end in the afternoon, no missing out on evening fun!

😍 Inspire zero-waste party attitudes with positivity ♻️ Spread the word: #leavenotrace and #takeyourtenthome

📲 Share with mates and bring yourself a crew for the best ever festival volunteering, while bringing about positive change!

🍽 1 meal per shift, phone charging + free tea & coffee in our crew campsite!!

📄 Applications now open online. If you have any questions please ask away - we'd love to hear from you!

With a range of activities such as games, competitions and environmentally friendly rewards, we encourage fun engagement - and infotainment about recycling and tent abandonment at festivals. With the tunes playing and good vibes all round, we use fun to bring about behaviour change - the best way! In the past they’ve helped festivals such as Boomtown cut their abandoned tents by 50% and their campsite waste by 70% in just one year. Be part of the change, apply here.


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