Posted on April 15, 2022

An Isle of Wight Festival success story.

Cast your mind back to June 2019…were you at the Isle of Wight Festival? Did you find yourself at Kashmir Café at 2pm on the Saturday? If you were, you’d have just caught the first ever public performance of Wet Leg!

Fast forward to 2021, booked to open the Big Top on Sunday, and with a little song called Chaise Longue starting to make waves online, we were all getting a taste of the meteoric rise that was about to hit this Isle of Wight based duo.

Move on again to April 2022, they’ve been on every major US late night TV show, tickets to see them live are like gold dust and with what will probably be a temporary career crowning moment, and a first for an Isle of Wight act, their debut album has gone straight to no.1!!

If you haven’t already, get your tickets for cinch presents the Isle of Wight Festival 2022 where they’re sure to lift the roof of the Big Top during their late afternoon slot on Sunday 19th June. This may well be their biggest live crowd to date, and one not to miss! Check out the line-up here.

John Giddings says: “We're passionate about supporting new talent at the Isle of Wight Festival and our friends at Kashmir Café and Platform One both put on great stages. To see Wet Leg progress from an early set at Kashmir Café in 2019 to opening the Big Top in 2022 and to now have a Number 1 album is testament to the talent on offer on the island and the organisations which work to nurture said talent year-round. We can't wait to welcome Hester and Rhian back this year.

With the British music scene often viewed with envy worldwide, the rise of Wet Leg, and thousands before them, is a true validation of our national obsession with music festivals and grass roots music venues.

Kashmir Café is one such example, championing grass roots music at a festival and put on in support of Isle of Wight charity: Quay Arts. This in turn supports the arts in all its forms on the Island throughout the year.

Doug Alldred, Kashmir Café talent booker says: “At Kashmir Café we try to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s developing musically on the Island and beyond. So when Hester and Rhian came to me with a new project it was a no-brainer to get them on our stage, despite only hearing a couple of demos recorded on an iPhone. I knew them both from earlier projects and it was clear they were going to produce something special when they joined forces. It’s amazing to see the success they’ve had, and it just goes to show it doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you get the music right you can go far.

Congratulations on your No.1 Album Wet Leg!

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