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The Isle of Wight Festival Weekend ticket allows you to camp all weekend in our 180 acre campsite that runs alongside the River Medina. When you arrive, follow the arches through the campsite, pick a field and pitch your tent. All the fields are named after colours so it’s easy to find your way back to your tent at the end of the night.

The Campsite opens on Thursday 15th June 2023 and closes at 2pm on Monday 19th June 2023. Opening times are subject to health and safety inspections and we work hard to open gates on time, but please bear with us if there are any delays. The Car Park gates open from 0600 on Thursday 15th September. Regular camping is freely available to everyone with a weekend festival ticket, no reservations required. The options below and in the Boutique Camping page are optional extras that need booking or reserving.

There will be Stewards and Security to help you if you have any questions. Alternatively, drop in to see our Welfare team on the Campsite if you need them.

There are loos, drinking water and showers in the Campsite. There are also a number of food outlets and bars to enjoy before you head in for the main entertainment.

Located in the Campsite

New for 2023, the Washroom will be located in the heart of the campsite. With premium flushing loos, shower facilities and a pamper zone with hairdryers and straighteners you can spend the weekend feeling fresh, fabulous and festival ready.

Love Your Tent are hugely proud to announce that we are back at the Isle of Wight Festival 2023 for our tenth fabulous year!

Love Your Tent is the original, sustainable and environmentally driven festival camping initiative, offering a private field containing lovely hot showers, flushing toilets, our private café serving delicious cooked meals, hot drinks and snacks, the Love Your Tent pamper parlour, our exclusive secret stage and a safe and secure experience throughout the festival.

Please note that you will need a Love Your Tent entry ticket in addition to your already purchased Festival Weekend Camping Ticket.

When you book with us we provide a reserved, marked out pitch for your tent in the Love Your Tent field, and in order to stay with us, you commit to take you tent and all of your belongings home with you after the festival by agreeing to the Love Your Tent terms and conditions at the point of purchase. This means that you really must take it home and not pack it up and dump it outside!

As in previous years we are supporting ShelterBox who provide robust shelter to people in the midst of war and famine where few others can.


  1. One Love Your Tent Ticket for each person staying with us. Each ticket must have the individual camper’s name on it.
  2. One Isle of Wight Festival Weekend Camping Ticket for each person staying with us.
  3. One refundable Tent Deposit Ticket of £30 for each tent that your party brings along. This will be returned once you have taken both your tent and belongings away with you after the festival.

If you have questions, or are unsure of how to book, you can email us at any time on

We look forward to welcoming you soon!


RESPECT CAMPING FOR 2023 - Reservations for this will open in 2023

Welcome back to the unique campsite that is Respect Camping at the Isle of Wight Festival, returning for its spectacular 10th year!!

Respect is very popular at the festival and our space is limited, so please read the following instructions carefully before you book.

  • Respect is still free of charge at the point of booking, however this year we can only accept bookings of up to a maximum of 8 tickets. Everyone coming along needs to have a separate entry ticket in their own name, and we can only accept a maximum of one tent per booking. So for instance, a booking of two people needs a ticket in each of their names and then they can bring along one tent, for which you will be asked to confirm the size, which will then be printed on the tickets. A booking for five people needs five tickets, one in each of their names and then requires selection of the size of the tent they are bringing and so on. Please only bring a tent for the size of your party. No ten-man tents for two people please..
  • Duplicate bookings cause a huge amount of admin, as well as depriving others from accessing the field. Any bookings that are deemed to be duplicates, or have a selection of the same names in, will not be honoured and will automatically be deleted.
  • Due to the high demand for space, we cannot accommodate gazebos under any circumstances, so if you bring one, you will be asked to take it down or it will be removed by us.
  • You need to read and agree to our terms and conditions for Respect Camping and most important of all, you must agree to take your tent and all of your belongings home with you after the event.
  • Every person camping with us needs a ticket in their own name and will need to provide photographic ID at the point of check in with us. This needs to be genuine as we have had issues previously. There are several mobile safe options within the festival which are provided by third parties for minimum cost.

To be fair to everyone and to prevent any attempted selling of space, as well as prevent bookings where a reservation is made early and then names changed prior to the event, you will be only able to change names on individual entry tickets if you pay an admin fee of £20 (plus VAT and fees) for each named ticket. We cannot accept any name changes after the 14th May 2020. Similarly, we also cannot change all names in a booking.

Good luck and hope to see you there.

Team Respect x

You need to have Isle of Wight Festival Weekend tickets for every one in the party coming along before booking space in Respect.

FAMILY CAMPING - Reservations will open in 2023

There is a Family Camping field, which provides a secure area where families with young children can enjoy a quieter and more relaxed experience. It has its own loos and designated security.

You need to book in advance to stay in the Family field – you can’t just turn up. Sign up is free and on a strictly limited first come first served basis.

Please note that the Family fields are for tents only and not for Campervans or any type of vehicles.

NB: All Isle of Wight Festival tickets include camping, you can register for Family Camping with Weekend Adult or Islander Rate tickets.

You need to have Isle of Wight Festival Weekend tickets for every one in the party coming along before booking space in Family Camping.

There will be public showers available for use.

There is a separate area for campervans in the Campsite - please note NO CARAVANS are allowed! An additional tent or awning is fine as long as it all fits into a 7m x 7m plot.

You need to buy a Weekend Ticket for each member of your party to access the Festival as well as a Campervan pass to park your vehicle in this area, this is now an add-on for your main weekend ticket. Both of these must have been purchased in advance.


For information about Accessible camping please click here.

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