At the Isle of Wight Festival, we aim to create an event that is accessible for all our customers.

We have a dedicated Accessibility Team working all year round to assist customers with accessibility requirements.

Members of the team will be on site throughout the festival to assist you.

The Accessible Campsite and Raised Viewing Platforms are now at capacity. If you wish to apply we will add you to the waiting lists and let you know if space becomes available.

1. Purchase your ticket to the Isle of Wight Festival

If you haven’t already purchased your Isle of Wight Festival ticket, please do so by clicking on one of the links below:

Buy from Ticketmaster

Buy Islander tickets from The Price is Wight

Please do not purchase a ticket for an essential companion, as this cannot be refunded. If you require an essential companion, please indicate this on your Accessibility Request Form.

2. Complete the Accessibility Request Form

Click here to download the form.

3.  Submit your application

Once you have completed the Accessibility Request Form, please send the following documents to [email protected] to submit your application:

  1. Proof of ticket purchase
  2. Completed Accessibility Request form
  3. Proof of disability

Acceptable forms of proof of disability:

  • DLA (Care and/or mobility)
  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • War Disablement Pension
  • D/deaf or blind registration
  • The Nimbus Access Card

All submitted documentation is kept strictly confidential and securely destroyed after processing.

We aim to process applications as quickly as possible. Once your application has been processed you will receive an email confirming the accessible facilities that will be available for you to use at the Festival.

Please note that our accessible facilities are unable to cater for people with temporary impairments. This is considered to be anything that affects an individual for less than 12 months such as broken bones, healing injuries or pregnant women.

If you have a temporary impairment, please be aware that there will be a lot of walking at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Please do not purchase a ticket for your essential companion as this cannot be refunded.

Essential companion tickets are free but are only available to customers who have purchased a ticket to the festival. If the person with accessible requirements is a child of 12 years or under, they must be accompanied by an adult who has purchased a ticket. If the child also requires an essential companion, please indicate this on your Accessibility Request Form.

If the essential companion wishes to bring a child/children to the Festival, then those child/children must be accompanied by another adult who has a purchased a ticket.

If you need to buy a Teen ticket and apply for an essential companion ticket, please tick the box on the Accessibility Request form and we will send you a link to purchase the Teen ticket.

The essential companion must be willing and able to perform all requirements as needed by the accessibility customer and provide assistance to the customer during the unlikely event of an evacuation or other emergency.

Accessible Viewing Areas

There are various accessible viewing areas available within the arena. Please note that all the viewing areas are uncovered so please dress appropriately for all weather conditions.

Raised Viewing Platforms - At Capacity

There are raised viewing platforms next to the Main Stage and in the Big Top for wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility.

Only the approved customer and their Essential Companion will have access to the raised viewing platform in order to accommodate as many customers as possible.

Both raised viewing platforms have ramped access, limited seating, toilets, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and charging points.

Raised viewing platforms may get busy, please note that these are operated on a first come first served basis.

Ground Floor Viewing Area

A dedicated ground level viewing area will be available to those who need a less crowded area and/or the option of sitting for short periods of time.

Customers may be accompanied in the ground floor viewing area with an essential companion if required.

Accessible Campsite - At Capacity

This designated campsite has its own car park along with the following facilities:

  • Accessible loos
  • Accessible showers
  • Mobiloo HDU
  • Wheelchair charging points
  • Accessible basin
  • Secure fridge for medicine storage
  • Lockers and phone charging (purchased online before the festival)
  • Food and drink concessions

The campsite has its own 24 hour manager who will be able to assist customers if required.

We ask customers to be considerate of the size of tent they bring to the Festival.

Accessible Campsite Lockers

Each locker, small or large, comes with a universal plug socket and two USB ports to cater for all your charging needs whilst keeping your valuables safe. Book online in advance.

Campervans in the Accessible Campsite

If you would like to bring a campervan into the accessible campsite please tick the campervan box on the Accessibility Request form and we will send you a link to purchase the ticket if we have space available.

You can buy a standard campervan ticket or a campervan ticket with an electric hook up for the weekend.

You will be allocated a 7m x 7m plot when you arrive at the festival, please keep within this area.

Please do not purchase a campervan ticket directly from Ticketmaster. Please do not arrive on spec in a Campervan without a permit as we will not be able to accommodate you.

General Camping

If you are an accessibility customer staying in the main campsite and parking in the main car park, please notify the Accessibility Team in your application. You can still apply for an essential companion ticket and any of the accessible facilities that we offer. There will be shuttle bus and buggy services to help you move around the Festival site if you need them.

Accessible Toilets

Wheelchair-accessible and standard toilets for accessible customers are located across the festival. Their locations will be marked on the main Festival map and the Accessible Map closer to the event.

Use of the accessible toilets is controlled by the accessibility wristbands. There will be a steward at each location to ensure that only accessibility customers and their essential companion only are permitted to use these facilities. Medical ID will also be accepted (i.e Just Can’t Wait card).

There is a Mobiloo HDU in the Accessible Campsite (located in the Main Arena) for all accessibility customers to use, if required. Please bring your own straps.

Sensory Zone and Quite Area

There will be Sensory Calm Tent at the Festival. The aim of this space is to provide a safe, low-level stimulation and recalibration zone for any customers with accessibility requirements who need to use it.

There will also be a quiet zone for customers who need a peaceful area.


Dedicated accessibility lanes will be available at each main bar. This section of the bar has a lowered counter and bypasses the main queuing system.


Refrigerated medication storage is available. Customers who require this must indicate this on their Accessibility Request Form. We recommend bringing a copy of your doctor’s letter or prescription. Please keep all medication in its original boxes.

Accessible Parking

If you are booked into the Accessible Campsite there is a car park next to the camping area that you will directed to.

We offer a limited number of parking spaces in our Main Stage Accessible Car Park. This car park is located on a grass area at Gate A6, next to the Accessible Box Office and approximately 200 metres into the Main Arena and the Viewing Platform. You will need to apply for one of these spaces. Please be aware that these are allocated on a first come first served basis to accessibility customers who use wheelchairs or have restricted mobility.

We also offer an accessible parking area within the main car park. Please request this on the accessibility request form and we will email you a ticket to use.

There will be dedicated accessibility shuttle buses and buggies to help any customers requiring assistance in moving from the car parks into the festival.

Accessible Drop Off for Non-Campers

The accessible drop off area for non-campers is located at Gate A6, where the Accessible Box Office is located. From here it is approximately 200 metres into the Main Arena.

We've put together a downloadable accessibility guide for the Isle of Wight Festival 2024.  This will be emailed out to all our accessibility customers, but you can also download a copy here.

Essential companion and accessibility wristbands will be available to collect from the Accessible Box Offices when you arrive at the festival. They will not be posted in advance.

Essential companion tickets will not show in your Ticketmaster account.

Ground Conditions / Weather

The Isle of Wight Festival is a large, multi-stage event spread across a linear green field site. Some grassed areas are large with no solid pathways or hard ground.

It is important to be aware that during inclement weather, some parts of the site may be muddy, water-logged, or dusty and may be difficult to navigate around.

Effect Lighting

Smoke machines, strobe lights, lasers, fireworks, and other effects may be in use at this event. Anyone affected by these should bear this in mind.

Medical and Welfare

Medical and welfare facilities are available throughout the festival. Doctors, paramedics, first aiders, and fully equipped ambulances are based at the medical centre.

Security and Stewards

Security and Stewards are deployed throughout the festival. They are briefed to offer information, help, and support.

If you are unwell or require assistance, please approach a member of the Security and Stewarding Team who are clearly identifiable by their numbered tabards/shirts.

Security and stewards will assist in moving everybody to a place of safety.