When you arrive at the Festival

When you arrive at the Festival please have your purchased ticket/s downloaded and ready to be scanned to avoid delays at the Box Office. You will collect your carer ticket and Access A or B wristbands WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE FESTIVAL, they will NOT be sent in advance. Please all arrive together, you cannot collect wristbands for another person, you will all be individually wrist banded at the Box Office. If the Access customer is a child, they must be with you.

Please note there will be busy times and you may have to queue. Please bring ID with you.

Please note the following

Both Access A & B wristbands allow use of the access loos across the site, easy access on foot at Gate A6 and the use of the Accessible shuttle buses. Please allow Access customers and their carers only to use the bus so we can help as many people as possible.

Access parking at Gate A6 is fully booked- please don't expect parking if you are not booked in even if you have a Blue Badge.

The Access Campsite is fully booked, please don't turn up if you haven't booked as you will be turned away.

If you are booked into Accessible Camping

Please drive into Gate A6 and stewards will direct you to the campsite, the campsite opens at 10 am on June 15, Thursday.

The Access Campsite has lockers available to book - please click here. If you want to charge your phone over the weekend please purchase a locker as you won't be able to use the office or wheelchair charging points.

The Access Campsite has the following facilities; Accessible showers, Accessible loos, a mobiloo unit, accessible sink, wheelchair charging.

Please bring a suitable sized tent for your group. Over sized tents will be removed. If you have booked a campervan permit please do not exceed the limit of 7x 7m plot.

There will be no access into Strawberry Fields until 5.45pm on Thursday other than in the shuttle bus. The Arena is closed on Thursday, please do not attempt to walk around it.

Non Campers arriving on foot

If are booked into A6 Access Parking please drive to Gate A6 and stewards will direct you to the parking area and then you will head to the Access Box Office.

If you are not camping in the Access Campsite, not parking in main car parks and not arriving by Festival Bu these are the collection times for the Box Office at Gate A6;

Thursday     12 noon- 9pm
Friday        12 noon- 9pm
Saturday         10am- 9.30pm
Sunday           10am - 9pm

The Big Top opens at 6pm on Thursday 15th June. Non campers will enter at Gate A5, after collecting their wristbands at Gate A6.

Camping in the main campsite, parking in the main car parks or arriving by Festival bus

If you are parking the main car parks you will collect your carer wristband at Gate A2, if you are arriving by Festival bus at Gate A3- collection times are below;

Gate A2 9am- 10pm
Gate A3 9am - 10pm

Gate A2 9am- 9pm
Gate A3 10am- 9pm

Gate A2 10am-8pm
Gate A3 11am- 8pm

Gate A2- closed, go to A3
Gate A3 11am- 8pm

There is a blue badge area for parking in the main car parks - please ask stewards for directions and present your Blue Badge.

    There is a designated camping field with its own car park, special access loos and showers, HDU and wheelchair charging. Although the site is mostly flat and generally easy to get around, please be aware that the ground conditions may cause problems in certain areas.

    If you would like to bring a campervan and camp in the Access Campsite please tick the campervan box on the confirmation form and we will send you a link to purchase the ticket. Please do not purchase a campervan ticket from Ticketmaster.

    Please do not turn up on spec in a Campervan without a permit as we will not be able to accommodate you.

    If you are disabled and want to camp in the Main Campsite, you can still apply for a carer ticket and to use the disabled loos around the site.

    The campsite will have secure lockers available to book. Customers that are booked into the Access Campsite will be contacted directly and sent a link to book a locker (if required). This will be on a first come first served basis.

    There are viewing platforms for Access customers next to the Main Stage and in the Big Top. You can apply for a space on the viewing platform, whether you are a Camper or a Non-Camper, but please be aware that the platforms work on a first come first served basis and there may be times when the platform is busy. The Disabled A access wristband entitles you and a carer (if you have one) access to the viewing platform. Please do not apply for the platform (Disabled A access wristband) unless you are a wheelchair user or have difficulty standing as there is limited space. Please note the Platforms are NO SMOKING areas, this includes e-cigarettes & vapes.

    If you are coming to the Festival as a Non-Camper you can park your car in the main Festival car parks. You can buy your car parking ticket on the day, but we recommend that you book it in advance when buying your Festival ticket. Please be aware that the car parks are located a fair distance from the main entertainment fields.

    We offer a limited number of parking spaces in the grass car park at Gate A6. You will need to apply for one of these by indicating your need on the form after booking your Festival ticket. Please be aware that these are allocated on a first come first served basis and customers in wheelchairs and with walking difficulties will be prioritised.

    Alternatively, you can arrange to be dropped off at Gate A6 and enter the Festival from there which brings you into the Main Arena.

    Disabled customers are entitled to apply for one free carer ticket. The carer must be at least 18 years as at 15 June 2023. The role of the carer is to accompany and assist the disabled customer. Should it be apparent that this role is not being carried out the Festival staff have the right to eject you from the Festival. Carers should familiarise themselves with the Festival site and facilities so they can assist the disabled customer fully during their time at the Festival.

    Please do not buy a ticket for your carer as this will NOT be refunded.

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