A Weekend ticket allows you to camp at the Festival all weekend. The gates open at 12 noon on Thursday 21 June when the fun begins. There are showers, loos, bars and food concessions throughout the Campsite. A Camping ticket gives you unlimited re-entry to the Festival throughout the weekend. Once the weekend is over, you will need to leave the Campsite by 2pm on Monday 25 June.


Day tickets allow you access to the festival on the designated day ONLY. Your day ticket does NOT entitle you to camp. You will be allowed unlimited entry & re-entry on the day of your ticket.


You can buy a Student ticket if you hold a valid NUS or other official card (as at 21 June 2018). You will be required to produce your card on arrival at the Festival Box Office. A Student ticket allows you to camp if you want to. Please note if you are a Student between 16-17 (as at 21 June 2018) we suggest you buy a Teen ticket because this is cheaper. Subject to availability.


We are pleased to offer Teen tickets this year to all teenagers aged between 13-17 years old (as at 21 June 2018). Teens must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over (there must be at least one adult per booking). A teen ticket allows you to camp if you want to. Please bring proof of age, as you may be required to show this when you enter the Festival. Subject to availability.


Entry to the Festival is free for children aged 12 and under (as at 21 June 2018). If you want to order child tickets, please add these to your booking at the point of purchase. There is a maximum of 4 children per booking. Please be aware that all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is aged 18 or over. Please bring proof of age of your child, as you may be required to show this when you enter the Festival.


Islander Tickets will be available for a limited time and can only be purchased by residents of the Isle of Wight using a debit or credit card registered to the customer’s Isle of Wight postcode and shipped to the same address. Only available through Ticketmaster or The Price is Wight. Subject to availability.


Ticketmaster (Select your ticket type and then choose Deposit Scheme to buy with a payment plan)

The Price is Wight

Red Funnel (Ticket, travel, accommodation & payment plan) 

Festicket (Ticket & travel/accommodation packages)

Big Green Coach (Ticket & Coach packages bringing you direct to the Festival gates. Payment plans available.)

Spread the cost of your tickets over several months with a payment plan. The instalments will be collected directly from your bank account.


To book under the Ticketmaster Instalment Plan - you will need to choose your required ticket type, then select our instalment plan at the checkout page.

The first payment is taken immediately and is non-refundable.

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Purchase your vehicle ferry travel by putting down £25 today! The remaining balance will due 30 days before your travel to the Isle of Wight.

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Secure your ticket and travel pack today with a deposit of just £40.00. It couldn't be simpler - or more affordable! Pay as much or as little as you can, and clear your full balance before 1 May 2018. This gives you the freedom to spend your money when you want, how you want!

If you only need travel, then why not use our travel payment scheme with a deposit of only £10

Big Green Coach is providing coach services arriving on the Thursday (with a reduced service on the Friday) and our coaches actually go on the ferry so you don't have to queue up for the ferry or shuttle bus. We will get you straight to the festival entrance.

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We are pleased to be able to offer VIP tickets again through our partner, Mark Butler Associates. These tickets give you exclusive access to our VIP Lounge and garden so you can relax while watching all the acts on the Main Stage. The VIP Lounge has a bar and food stalls, its own loos and other benefits. There is a VIP Campsite with its own loos and showers located near to all the entertainment.

Please contact Mark Butler Associates for more information.

Mark Butler Associates


Camp Kerala will be back again, providing the very best in backstage accommodation and hospitality at the Isle of Wight Festival 2018.

Staying with us at Camp Kerala, a mere stone’s throw from the heart of the Festival, offers you the chance to experience not only life at our exclusive 'home from home' but also the ultimate way to experience the IOW Festival.

Camp Kerala


There will be more things confirmed as we get closer to the Festival, but for now check out When Nature Calls for the best clean loo experience this side of...Newport?!

We know that camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but that shouldn’t stop you from coming and enjoying the Festival. Why not take advantage of our wonderful Island and stay in a local hotel or holiday cottage? Our friends at Classic Cottages have some beautiful properties to rent and they will look after your every need. Alternatively you could stay in one of the many hotels the Island has to offer.


There is a separate area for campervans in the Campsite - please note NO CARAVANS are allowed! An additional tent or awning is fine as long as it all fits into a 7m x 7m plot.

You need to buy a Weekend Ticket for each member of your party to access the Festival as well as a Campervan pass to park your vehicle in this area. Both of these must have been purchased in advance.

If it would make your life easier to buy your ticket and travel together, then there are a number of options available to you click here.

For general travel enquiries, please click here.

Become an Isle of Wight Festival ambassador and earn a ticket by selling 6 tickets to your friends. Keep selling tickets to earn more rewards. 

If you are arriving by car you can park in one of our onsite car parks. Whether you are travelling to us from one of the ferry terminals or from anywhere on the Island you will be directed to the appropriate car park.

You can pay for parking on the day but we advise you pay for it in advance when booking your Festival ticket.

Get priority car parking spaces by arranging a car share with Liftshare

If you are a disabled customer please click here for details on how to buy your tickets and other useful information.

The Ticket is issued for the Festival by the Promoter subject to the following Conditions.

1. The use of this Ticket shall constitute acceptance by the Bearer of the Conditions of Issue and imply an undertaking on the part of the Bearer to observe them and any other notice or regulation issued by the Promoter and displayed at the Venue.

2. All Tickets remain the property of the Promoter and are not transferable save to those people for whom the Tickets were purchased as part of a group booking. Those people will be subject to the Conditions of Issue which will apply as if he/she were the original recipient of the Ticket.

3. The Ticket will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrance gates and affixed by Festival staff. The Bearer must retain the counterpart Ticket on his or her person at all times. Where a wristband is issued to the Bearer without a Ticket, the Bearer must affix his or her wristband prior to entering the Venue. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to the Bearer or to eject the Bearer, where the wristband has been incorrectly affixed and, in either case, where the wristband has been damaged or tampered with.

4. This Ticket may not be offered as a prize in a promotion or competition or transferred, lent or sold to any third party for profit or personal gain, as part of a hospitality or travel package or used for any other commercial purpose without the written consent of the Promoter. Tickets purchased from unauthorised sources, including from Internet touts or via Internet auction sites will be void and will not permit entry to the Venue.

5. The Promoter reserves the right to search all people and personal property upon entry to and while at the Venue. Glass items, candles, gas canisters, flares, knives, illegal substances, drugs, ‘legal highs’, laser equipment/pens, megaphones, nitrous oxide, animals, fireworks, smoke canisters, poles, banners or flags, drones and any items which in the absolute discretion of the Promoter are considered to be a risk to the safety of the audience and/or affect the enjoyment of the audience and/or the running of the Festival are prohibited.

6. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse to allow folding and/or camping style chairs into the Festival Site and/or to require people to cease using such chairs in the Festival Site in the interests of health and safety or if required to do so by any legislation or statutory requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, folding and/or camping style chairs are permitted in the campsite.

7. a. NO Glass is permitted anywhere in the Venue

b. Alcohol, food and cans are permitted in the Campsite only.

c. NO cans, alcohol or food to be brought into the Festival Site. Water and non-alcoholic drinks in 500ml plastic bottles with unbroken seals are permitted.

d. Cooking in the Campsite will be permitted on camping gas stoves (gas canisters up to 300g only) and disposable BBQs ONLY in designated areas. These must be used sensibly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Cooking on gas wher

9. Items prohibited by the Conditions of Issue shall not be brought to the Venue. Any permitted items used contrary to the Conditions of Issue and any prohibited items shall be confiscated without any liability on the Promoter to safeguard or return such items.

10. The Bearer shall not offer or distribute (either free or for sale) within the Venue any consumer article or commercial product of any nature or purchase any such item from any vendor not authorised by the Promoter.

11. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the Venue or eject any person from the Venue if, in the absolute discretion of the Promoter, the Bearer may be a risk to the safety of the audience and/or affect the enjoyment of the audience and/or the running of the Festival, for example if the Bearer refuses to be searched upon entering the Venue or whilst at the Venue, appears to be under the influence of drink and/or drugs and/or is acting aggressively or in possession of any item prohibited by the Conditions of Issue or undertaking any act prohibited by the Conditions of Issue or fails to comply with any lawful instruction issued by or on behalf of the Promoter. The Promoter reserves the right to alter or change the Festival programme, without prior notification. Refunds will not be issued should the programme be altered or if a particular artist does not appear, including headline acts.

12. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless the entire Festival is cancelled, in which case you will be offered Tickets at any rescheduled event (subject to availability) up to the face value of the Ticket or, if you are unable to attend the rescheduled Festival or the Festival is not rescheduled, a full refund.

13. If the Festival is cancelled, the Promoter shall not be liable for any costs or expenses wasted or incurred by the Bearer including, but not limited to, accommodation or transport costs, or any direct or indirect losses or damage of whatever kind.

14. The Bearer gives their irrevocable and free of charge express consent to the use of their actual or simulated voice or likeness in connection with the advertising, promotion or commercial exploitation of the Festival or any past or future festival by the Promoter or any licensee of the Promoter in any media for any period throughout the world.

15. This Ticket will not permit access to any platform, disabled enclosure or disabled parking. You must book disabled/special needs Tickets in advance by calling Ticketmaster on 0800 9884440 (subject to limited availability).

16. Children aged 12 and under as at 21 June 2018, will have access to the Festival free of charge. The Promoter reserves the right to cap the number of Child Tickets it issues. Proof of age may be requiredon entry for Child tickets. Please ensure that you have ID with proof of age with you for your child/children in case you are asked. Failure to provide such ID may result in your Child being refused entry to or asked to leave the Venue.

17. Teenagers aged between 13 and 17 as at 21 June 2018 are entitled to purchase a teen Ticket but must be accompanied by at least 1 responsible Adult per 5 Teenagers. Unaccompanied Teenagers will be refused entry to the Festival.

18. Adults are reminded that there are areas of the Venue, especially immediately in front of the stage and some bands or acts that may be inappropriate and may contain adult content. Any Adult is responsible entirely for the safety and welfare of any Child and/or Teenager in its party. Please ensure that all Children and/or Teenagers carry ID with proof of age(or that the responsible Adult carries ID on their behalf). Failure to provide such ID may result in entry being refused or the Child and/or Teenager being asked to leave the Venue.

19. In the event of a Child and/or a Teenager being refused entry to the Venue or being removed from the Venue, the accompanying Adult will take sole responsibility for the care and control of the Child and/or Teenager and the Promoter will bear no responsibility in this regard.

20. Students who have been issued with a valid NUS, ISIC or other authorised Student card as at 21 June 2018 and who have purchased a Student Ticket must produce the NUS, ISIC or other authorised Student card at the entrance gates in order to gain access to the Venue. Failure to produce a valid NUS or ISIC card will result in you not being entitled to the Student discount and you will be required to purchase a full price ticket less the amount already paid in order to gain access to the Venue.

21. Islander Tickets can only be purchased by residents of the Isle of Wight using a debit or credit card registered to the customer’s Isle of Wight postcode and shipped to the same address. Any Islander Tickets purchased which do not comply with the above will be cancelled.

22. There is a designated area on the campsite for Families which is subject to availability. There is a Kids’ Zone which provides entertainment for Children during the Festival. Children must be accompanied by an Adult at all times.

23. Any breach of the Conditions of Issue will render this Ticket automatically void and all rights conferred or evidenced by such Ticket shall be withdrawn without any refund. For the avoidance of doubt, this will include refusal of entry to the Venue or ejection from the Venue, as applicable.

24. Admission to the Venue is at the Bearer’s own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Promoter hereby excludes any liability for loss, injury or damage to persons or property in or around the Venue during, before or after the Festival.

25. These Conditions of Issue are governed by English law. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with them shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Court.

26. Definitions: In these Conditions of Issue, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

“Bearer” means the holder of this Ticket;

“Conditions of Issue” means these terms and conditions governing the issue and use of a Ticket and the terms upon which the Bearer is permitted to enter and remain within the Venue;

“Child” means a child of 12 and under as at 21 June 2018;

“Festival” means the Isle of Wight Festival;

“Festival Site” means the Main Arena and Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane and Electric Ladyland;

“Teenager” means any person aged between 13 and 17 as at 21 June 2018;

“Student” means any person issued with a valid NUS, ISIC or other authorised Student card as at 21 June 2018;

“Adult” means any person aged 18 or over as at 21 June 2018;

“Promoter” means Isle of Wight Festival Limited, 2nd Floor, Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyll Street, London, England, W1F 7TS and, where the context requires, those acting on its behalf such as stewards and security guards;

“Ticket” means any Ticket or Wristband (as applicable) issued for the Festival (whether or not for value) by the Promoter to include but not limited to Weekend, Day, Resident, Child, Teen, Student, VIP and Backstage Guest. All Tickets entitle the Bearer to unlimited entry and re-entry to the Venue. Where the Bearer holds a Day Ticket, entry and re- entry is for the day specified ONLY. For all other Ticket types, entry and re-entry is for the duration of the entire Festival. All Tickets entitle the Bearer to camp, save for Resident and Day Tickets, which do NOT entitle the Bearer to camp. 

“Venue” means the Festival Site and the Campsite.