A new dawn rises over Quirkville; light, once a pale reflection on foibles of the past, now dapples across the land. The infinite palette of nature and creativity, remembered and reborn.

Many of the curious have followed the call of absolute bangers to this vibrant utopia.

You too have travelled far, wash away the past in the Glitter Shower, seek out the blessings of the Shamans of Silliness and rest a while.

But not for long...

Dash your imagination across the walls of The Colour Inn. Dizzy the breeze with a dormant talent at a Circus Quirkshop.

Relieve someone of their foot fluff at Sock Wrestling Federation, or dance your own off at Boogieblivion...

Explore the wonders, unravel our secrets and immerse your soul in music played with you in mind.

We are the future, the here and the now.

We are Cirque De La Quirk.